Access row that is double clicked in datagrid2 and get that object and show it in a page using javascript action

Hi, I know that my question is bit odd. But i need to know which row is clicked in datagrid2 and need to access that object using javascript action. If we have the object we can directly call a nanoflow and from there we can show the page using Javascript. But how can we know which object (Row in datagrid2) the user clicked?. I am not good in Javascript. Could someone please help me with this on how to access the clicked object in the datagrid2. If you have any documentation related to this please share That would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Thmanampudi,


In your Datagrid 2 Configuration you will find the OnClick Event.

This will be triggered when clicking on a row.


Set a call nanoflow and pass the paramter to the js action


Hope this helps,




If you really need double click you can look into the Doubleclick trigger widget (link). You can place this widget in  one or multiple columns. You can use it to trigger a nanoflow that takes the row object as input.