I cant display the data inside a pie chart that I created with data coming from a microflow

Hello, I have a Pie Chart inside a data view of data source PieChart and I call a microflow that returns the content category and sum, I want to build with the values of sum for each category but when I run that's what I obtain: Here is the configuration I made :   The created microflow :   Inside the create object activities that's I put a value of sum based on the category, for example :   In my data model I have :     Could you tell me what I should change to show the correct data ?   Thanks in advance.
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Your series caption should be {1}  , instead of the constant value "Forecast Category" . The parameter you have already configured.


In your case the piechart it will find 3 times the literal string and sum the values to 100%.


BTW the unlimited string is most of the times not recommended and needed.