Type http://****/schema/familyBookInquiry:FamilyBookInquiryType : This Choice element is not supported in export mappings.

Hi Experts,   I'm facing an issue while consuming a soap webservice. While importing the XML schema, I'm getting the below error.     Type 'http://***/schema/familyBookInquiry:FamilyBookInquiryType': This 'Choice' element is not supported in export mappings.Type 'http://***/schema/familyBookInquiry:FamilyBookInquiryType': This 'Choice' element is not supported in export mappings.   I need to use the request export mapping but the above message says it can't be used in export mappings. When I try to use the XML schema in export mapping, its throwing the below error message.   Element 'familyBookInquiry/Body/inquiry' cannot be unchecked, because its minimum occurrence is larger than zero.     Please let me know how to solve this issue or alternative ways to fix this issue. Thanks!
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You can download the schema in a file:

  1. edit it
  2. change the choice in a string
  3. import the schema
  4. create the export mapping


In the microflow/database logic you make sure that  one of the choice values are in the string, for example by using a enumeration and an export mapping microflow that convert the enum to a string