Merge Feature Branch does NOT work

Hi, Does the merge feature branch option work for you? We are trying to merge a feature branch into or develop or main branch with the following steps. I get the message that the merge was successful, but I cannot see any changes. If I merge with the "Port Fix" option, the changes show up, but in this case, I have to merge every commit one by one, which can easily lead to errors and is time-consuming as well.    Am I doing something wrong? I tried in both 10.3.1. and 10.4.1   Steps:  Create modifications on a branch, e.g. develop, commit the changes Switch to the main branch and pull to be sure it is up to date Click Version control / Merge Changes here / choose Merge feature branch option Select develop branch line, click merge I get a successfully merged message, but the changes from the develop branch are not on the main branch. None of the changes.   Thank you!
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This resolved the issue:


  • Close all Studio Pro programs
  • Open command prompt
  • Run the following two commands:
    1. Set your username: git config --global "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME"
    2. Set your email address: git config --global ""
  • Where you replace "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME" and "" with your name and email address
  • Afterwards, open the Studio Pro branch that you want to merge into and attempt a merge.