fix the position for Controllable tab container (Non scrollable)

Hi, I am using Controllable scroll container(Mendix Marketplace - Controllable Tab Container) to display data using datagrids2. It is working fine. But when scroll the page it the tabs are also scrolling (both horizontally and even vertically). But i want the tabs to not to scroll along with the page. just like the header in this link Low-Code Application Development Platform | Mendix. Could some one please help me on how can i achieve this for tabs?. Thanks in advance
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This is called a sticky header or a sticky element and can be achieved with css.  There is a forum post regarding this here:


The linked forum post is in regards to a datagrid header but the same should apply to any element that you wish to not scroll, you just need to find the proper css element to target with the class.


Hope this helps!