How to initiate actions on a date selected by the user?

Greetings,   In the app I'm developing I need to provide the feature such that the admin can pick a personnel, a role and two dates to assign this user role to the personnel during the time interval between the two dates. For example; "Assign the user role of 'approver' to X from 18/11/2023 to 18/11/2033". As you see, this is something that should be automatically triggered whenever the date arrives, so Microflow Timer widget does not help my case.   I need advice on how to establish such a structure because I'm not entirely sure how one can make microflows initiate at a specific time selected by the user through a Date-Picker input widget.   This should be adjusted by the user, not from the backend. In similar cases people were recommended to use the "Scheduled Events" but from what I've seen, even though the yearly scheduled events let us choose a specific date to run a microflow each year, they have to be adjusted by the developer on the backend side and I haven't seen a setting to make it run once, not every year.   Any advice would be highly appreciated. Best wishes and thanks in advance,   İhsan
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Hey İhsan Gül,

if I got you right, you can achieve this using "Schedule event" as you said,

you can run this schedule daily at 12:00 am and set your logic to check if the "to date" >= beginning of the current day.

remove the role, or if the current day is between from/to then assign the role.