How to make a mendix application interact with Hardware?

My group and I are trying to build a mobile application in order to interact with a locker system we have built. For now the prototype we have comprises of only one locker unit and the central unit for interacting with the locker. The idea is to build an app such that the app generates a QR code which the central unit of the locker will scan in order to determine which locker unit door to open.    I have previously used Mendix to build an extensive web application however it had no interaction with external elements such as a Database or controlling physical hardware such as servo motors and Raspberry Pi.   I would like my group to use Mendix to create our application however I would like to ask if it is possible to use Mendix for such a task / project ?   Thank you in advance.
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Sounds cool!


If you're planning to use connected hardware, you can use all kinds of communication to interact with your Mendix application. Personally, I would go for REST API's, because it's easy to understand, build en debug, but also connecting it to the Kafka bus with Business Events from Mendix or some custom implementation is possible, like WebSockets or LoRa.


You could use offline hardware, which validates a (signed) QR-code and executes the given command. In that case you can open and close a one locker, but not communicate back to notify about malfunctioning or send measurement information about the locker being closed or emptied.


Good luck!