Getting error message while I have no errors

Hello!   Please why am I getting this error while I have no errors in my error list window?   Thanks
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Hey Maryam!


That means there are no errors within the studio pro. However, it is possible that you have errors on other parts, as for example, your project directory.

I don't know if you have any open change but in the case that you don't have something to commit I would recommend you to click on revert all changes.


If you have some changes and you don't want to lose them then we should find the reason of the problem.


Did you changed something on the project directory? or did you update the project?

In older versions I know that some changes on the sass can generate that issue.


Check you don't have the "Limit to current tab" option set in your Errors window. If you do, unselect this.


Good luck