How do I pass data from the source page on button click to the destination page to show the relevant data?

Hi guys, I am very new to Mendix. I am creating an application which manages a parking lot. I have 3 buttons which are the names of the lots. On the click of these, I need to navigate to a new page which shows the name of the parking lot, the maximum spaces in that parking lot and a table which displays the people who currently have a parking space in that parking lot. How do I manipulate my microflow to make this happen? Please guide me in detail. And again, this is my first time using mendix. Attaching the screenshots of both my pages.
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Your second page will need a parameter, and you'll need to pass this into a Data View on the page to view the data.


If you are new to Mendix, try following the free Become A Rapid Developer course in the Mendix Academy. It helps explain all this in a lot more detail.


Good luck with your Mendix journey.