Button triggered by a microflow doesnt show the page

Hello, I have a button in which I'm calling this microflow that creates a new object of the entity QuarterSelection and shows the page that has a parameter the oebject created below :   When I click on the button that calls the microflow it keeps loading without showing the page. Could you tell me why? Thanks
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Hi Maryam,


Please check the Microflow and page access to that user role. 




You are using a datasource microflow on the page. So when the page loads, it runs the microflow. However, your microflow has a Show Page action, so it tries to load the page, which runs the microfow, which shows the page, which runs the microflow, etc...  You are essentially stuck constantly loading the same page.


To fix this, you need to remove the Show Page action in the microflow. 


I hope this helps.