Back button is not working.

The back button (link) at the top left-hand corner of any page, does not work as intended. Is there any configuration that need to be done for it work properly?
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That's correct. The back button in Mendix works similarly to the back button in your web browser. It navigates back through your browsing history, taking you to the previous page you visited. If there is no previous page to go back to, then the back button will not work.


If you want to create a back button that always takes you to a specific page, regardless of your browsing history, you can create a microflow that redirects to the desired page. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Create a new microflow.

  2. Add a "Show Page" action to the microflow.

  3. In the "Show Page" action, select the page you want to redirect to.

  4. Save the microflow.

  5. Add the microflow to a button or link on your page.

When the user clicks the button or link, the microflow will run and redirect them to the specified page. This will effectively act as a "back button" that always takes them to the same page, even if there is no browsing history.


Hi Ramesh,

You can use the 'close page' button on the page, and use it to close the page.

If there's anything specific, you want to achieve, then pls provide us with some more information so, I can understand the requirement.

Hope it helps!!