Language got changed after logged in -Native page in apk/ipa

Hi Everyone, I have a native Mendix app with nine languages such as English(default) ,Tamil etc., I have set language Tamil as a anonymous user. After I logged in the language got changed to English.I don't want to change the language after logged in , I need to keep the language as Tamil itself.Its is working fine in local but in apk/ipa we are facing this issue.We have tried kill the current session and reload the app using javascript action, But still the language is not changed.Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks in Advance, Arunadevi P
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Hi Arunadevi,


Quick question, do you have any flows to set the language for users, or is this based on the app settings language choices? Perhaps you could add an after startup flow to set the language to Tamil for users as a standard, and give them the option to choose the language once they're logged in.