How to add a dynamic parameter in the REST service to pass data to Windward to print unique data

I have mapped my Mendix application and database to Windward to print data from my screen to forms and documents. As the data that I would like to capture and print on word is unique like policy number, I will have to pass a dynamic parameter to the JSON URL which is getting mapped to Windward. Since I am new to Mendix please help to understand how I can configure a dynamic parameter to be passed to Windward. Please see below URL for example.   http://localhost:8093/rest/prsvacationrequestmgmt/v1/GETDescription/Casual%20Leave   instead of "GETDescription/Casual%20Leave", I need to map a dynamic parameter.
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Hi Pushkar,


You need to have a REST service similar to the below example:



Then in the microflow, you can setup your logics.



Hi Yasir,


I have tried this but still I am not getting a dynamic string. See below string that I am getting.




When I put it in Swagger or POSTMAN, the output is like this




which again hardcoded, and so eventually what I am getting in my windward application is a single entry for ID 1001.


Can you please elaborate on this?