Add attributes to System.User?

I'm currently working on a project in which I need to store more information about users than the current System.User meta object can contain. Can I add these required attributes to the meta object System.User or is it recommended that I don't change the system module?
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It is highly recommended not to change the System module. In fact, in 2.5 the System module will be read only.

You have two options:

  • Define a new metaobject inheriting from System.User.
  • Define a new metaboject with an association to System.User.

In both cases you can define additional attributes in the new metaobject.


It is indeed not recommended to change the system module; leave it as it is.

What you will probably need to do is create a new Object (for instance 'Employee') and let this new object inherit from System.User.

This will give the 'Employee' the same characteristics as System.User, more information on Inheritance and how it should be used can be found here: Wiki Inheritance