Is it possible to output my app structure to a csv file?

I'm currently trying to document my app and as part of that I'm trying to get lists of all my micro/nanoflows, pages, and other items in order to show connections between them. I'm wondering if there is an automated way to do this? Ideally I'd like to be able to push a button and have a .csv file that contains every micro/nanoflow in my project, where they are accessed from and entities and other microflows referred to within them. I'd also like a similar button for pages, where I could click it and get a .csv file of each page in my app, entities displayed in them, microflows accessible from them, and so on. Does such a feature exist? It would make documenting things a lot easier as currently I'm having to go through it all manually. 
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Hi Hartley,


You can probably use the Mendix Model SDK for this. Your question is mentioned as one of the use cases in the Mendix doc. You will likely need to transform the output from the Model SDK to CSV in some custom code.