How to show a dynamic list with subdirectories?

Hey Mendixers. I'm new here, so there's a chance this is a stupid question, but here goes :)   I have some directories with sub-directories, that I want to show like this: Directory 1 - Directory 1.1 --Directory 1.1.1 - Directory 1.2 Directory 2   The closest I've gotten has been with tree view in a List view container, but that doesn't look good. Is there a better container?   All the examples I've found are deprecated/can't open. Has anyone got a newer example that I can open in version 10.4.1 of Mendix Pro? Or am I going at this problem completely wrong?   Thanks in advance :) - Bjarni
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Ive been using a tree view widget inside a tree view widget for this purpose. It has a lot of custom styling options and you're able to create a custom header. Worked fine for me :)