Task Queue - Local vs Cloud environment

Hi,   We have an Excel export, quite large that we want to generate the data for and then export. I optimized it as well as I could and I allow it to run in the background until ready. When ready, it shows a notification for the user and they can download the report. I am using Task queue for that purpose, configured to 2 threads per node (1 x instance of the app in the cloud). However, I also have two queues. If one is already being used, the second one will be used by another excel export request. If both are currently used, you get a message saying you should wait for some resources to get free.    All of the above described situation works smoothly and very fast locally, no matter the number of rows exported. However, in the cloud, there's a totally different situation. Already passed the 20 minutes marker... this doesn't happen locally. Cloud has resources L21-Standard plan with 8GB of memory and 2 core DB.    Would anyone be able to tell me how to make this faster, cause I'm running out of ideas?   Thanks, Razvan
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Difficult to say something about these things:

Do you have the same amount of data in your cloud database then locally? 

Did you connect a debugger to see where it is losing time? In the query to the DB? Somewhere else? 20 minutes is really long indeed.




Can you check what is consuming the time? If it is the retrieve, use an Index on the database, or optimize the query. If the data retrieval is not the issue, think if you can:

  1. Switch the requirement from Excel to CSV (less overhead) and choose the right CSV export module
  2. Switch the Export Module (Try jXLSer, etc.) for Excel


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