How to create an Input Reference Set Selector constrained by a XPath?

Hello,   I am currently developping a native app and I would like to have a drop-down Constrained by a XPath in my native profile.     To clarify, I have an Account and a Machine selection drop-down on my page. The machine selection drop-down items are associated based on the account selected beforehand.    I managed to do this in the Responsive web profile, but not in the Native mobile profile, since there is no "Constrained by" settings in the properties.   Is there something to fix that or a workaround?   Thanks for your help.
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Not sure if I understand your question correctly. You want to use a drop-down? You can use this for to edit the value of an attribute of datatype enumeration. Or do you want to use the reference selector?

Here you can place a XPath constraint, also in native: