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In this  I have two barcode scanner and need save against the respective object Seperately. But when I tried to scan the barcode it detects the value and display it in textbox. In my scenario i need to scan one data and display the value in one object after the camera should be disabled After that when i try to scan the value of another data it should display the camera to extract the code and display the text in another field. How to achieve it in a sequential way.
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Hi Tharun,


The Barcode Scanner widget allows you to fill in one attribute of an Object. If you need to register more than one attribute of your Object, you must implement multiple occurrences of the Barcode Scanned widget, each with the link to the attribute set in the "General - Scanned result" setting and use visibility conditions to give focus to the right widget.  


For example when you need to scan 3 attributes you:

  • Implement 3 Barcode Scanners
  • For the first you use the visibility: $currentObject/Attribute1 = empty
  • For the second you use the visibility: $currentObject/Attribute1 != empty and $currentObject/Attribute2 = empty
  • Etcetera


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