Retrieve and display the image and save it to a button

(I) I need to get the image when i enter the value on the text field after leaving that it should display the image. The text is already saved in the database  (II) I need to save the image against the data entry and also required to download when i clicked the button (III) I need to show the count how many times a image been called and need to be entered in the another text field automatically  I hereby attach the domain model, I gonna type the value in the OEE--Defect_Code  The defect code already save with the image is DEFECTS--- Defects      
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Ti Tharun,


(I) Implement an "on change" event on the text field. A commit of OEE and retrieve over association the Defects (change the name of the Entity to Defect according to the best practice). The association DefectImage_Defects

will give a list of images to the defect code. If you want the DefectImage to reflect the damage to an OEE the association should change. 

(II) As you retrieve a list in your example this is not valid. The moment you are in a list view, all your requirements will work by default if you allow Mx StudioPro to fill the data view automatically

(III) You can retrieve the OEE list for a certain subset of the data. For example Machine_id (Using the best practice the attribute will not have underscores but something like MachineId) or Workorder. Change the type of the Rejection_Count to Integer and use toString($Count) when aggregating the list you selected. Then the new OEE you create can have the value $Count + 1 


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