Validation message in microflow disables further normal messages and client refresh?

I think I'm observing some weird behaviour in Mendix 2.4 and 2.5, however I'm wondering if I am missing something. Context I have an object that requires some complex validation, so I'm using a microflow (before commit). The form input fields and drop down controls for this object are spread over multiple tab pages. In my microflow, I'm validating multiple attributes, associations, etc. using exclusive split nodes with expressions. When I find something invalid, I change a Boolean variable 'Valid' to false and set a validation message if possible. At the end of the microflow, when 'Valid' is false, I alert the user to possible validation errors that are 'invisible' (because of the tab control) by showing a 'normal' warning message. Problem Only the validation messages are shown in the client. No (blocking or non-blocking) 'normal' messages are being displayed. This problem occurs in versions 2.4.5, and 2.5.1. Failed workaround(s) #1: I tried a workaround with an extra ValidationMessage attribute field outside the tab control. In the microflow, I set this attribute with my warning using a Change Object activity without commit and with client refresh. However, this doesn't work either, because the client refresh isn't executed. #2: I've also tried to use a Java action to refresh the client, using the addRefreshObjectFeedback(..) and addRefreshClass(..) methods, but to no avail. Am I missing something?!?
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This is a known issue, and it's already reported in Mendix Partner Portal. You can contact support for further information about when this issue is planned to be solved.