Unexpected Timeout Behavior

Hello All,    I have an app where users are complaining that when coming back from lunch break they are being logged out and need to re-sign in. I haven't changed any of the default Session handling that mendix provides, which is to say the SessionTimeout setting is set to the default 10 minutes and the EnableKeepAlive is set to the default 5 minutes. This would make me think that as long as the browser is open, the session should stay alive.    I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, doing my own testing it seems like I'm only noticing the behavior in chrome, and it usually happens after the computer falls asleep, not sure if that will cause a session to expire.    Any advice or info on this would be greatly appreciated!
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Might have something to do with the new feature of chrome that suspends tabs to conserve memory. When a tab is suspended it might be that the keepalive requests are no longer send and then the session will expire. You could try to change the config of chrome to prevent tabs from suspending and see if this is the cause.