help! create a new duplicated text box on a click of a button

Hey guys im currently building an app, inside the app there is this form below (screenshot), with some names, the important ones being "Item/part Number" and "revision number". I need it so that you can press a button next to these boxes and when you do so, it would create another instance of the Item/Part numbers, and i want it so you can press it as many times as you like.    The plan would be so that they can enter in multiple UNIQUE item/part numbers and revision numbers for one form. can anyone please show me how to do this? how do i achieve this? what i would need to do with my microflows? and text / values i need to enter, maybe how my domain model will have to be?   really need some help on this thank you very much      
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Hi Jordan,


I don't have the full context of your use case, but being able to create multiple items/revisions that are associated to your form, your domain model should look something like this:




In the Microflow that generates your form, you can initially add one Item object and one Revision object as well and associate it with your Form object.


On the page that shows the form, show the 'Form' object in a DataView. Within that DataView, add (for example) a ListView that shows the related Items of your Form. With a button you can initialize a Microflow that creates a new Item object which relates to your Form object, and the user can basically repeat this as much as he'd like.


The same logic applies to the Revision object.


Hope this helps you to get up to speed!