Hello everyone, I am using JWT widget for authenticating my rest api with tokens. I would like to know how can I pass my entered token into microflow parameter? Below you can see my example where I am using the microflow which is called by postman.   Issue2:  After I generate the token from JWT widget, Do I need to save this token in my entity? so that I can use this token as input to "Decode" later? sorry I could not find the proper process documentation for this...  
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Hey Raghavendra,


For passing the token you need to create HttpHeader (HttpsHeader should be associated to HttpRequest) where key should be 'authorization' and value your JWT token and to save token it's depend on which level you wanna save it e.g for user create new entity Token with attribute JWTToken wehre you will save your token, create association between token and account 1*1 


Best regards, Raghavendra