Best Practice for Filtering on List View / Data Grid (2)

Hello!   I'm fairly new to Mendix (coming from a Java / Spring background). I'm wondering that the best practices are regarding filtering list view, data grids and custom views, i.e., not using the out-of-the-box features.   Specific example: Data Grid 2 Some columns contain custom content (mainly buttons) These columns with custom content cannot be filtered I need a custom filter "bar" above the data grid, with some filters for selected attributes I did some research and found a way that uses a non-persistable-entity to store the filter and microflows to retrieve the filtered data for the data grid.   Is this the best solution or are the better ones?   Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Jakob,

You can visit my blog for this requirement by clicking on the link below:

filter using NPE

Also, this approach doesn't cost any performance issues.

Hope it helps!!