Clicking a deeplink in browser does not create a pending link to follow.

Hi,  My app has a functionality where we send an email to a client. The email contains a link to a deeplink page. This page is accessible by an anonymous user.  It is perfectly possible for a user to copy paste the link in the browser to access the page. It is also possible to click the link in a (non browser) email application to access the page.  The problem arises when a user clicks the link in an email app in the browser. When a user clicks the link in browser, the user is redirected to the sso login screen of our app. This is absolutely not what we want.    What i already have deducted from my research is that the point where the wrong path is taken lays in the microflow "DeeplinkHome". In this microflow the pendingLinks that are associated to the current session are retrieved. However, no pending links are found when the link is clicked in the browser. When clicking the link in a desktop app however, a pending link ís found.    I'm aware of the fact that something goes wrong in another part of the deeplink flow, but i cannot find where that is.    Any suggestions?  
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