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hi there,    in my App i yould like to install a document Manager where you can upload Videos on one site of my app and dowload it on the other.    for that i have an assosiation from my main Entity to a fileDocument entity.      and have the folowing Microflows:      my Add Massage paige looks like this :      and the site where i can review my message and want to download my video looks like this.      i have the following error    "CE1568 The selected pade 'Massage Details' expects an object of type 'Video' which is not avalable here"   can someone help me and tell me what i am doing wrong? 
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On the pages you are showing, it looks like you have 3 parameters on the frist and 2 on the second, where I think it should only have the message parameter because you are retrieving the video and image via the association.



Additional note: best practice is to use Singular for the name of an entity (Images -> Image)