Edit a form, after submission based on who submitted the form

I currently have a form that lots of users will be accessing, only certain roles will have access to editing this form after it has been submitted (admins) where your standard User role will not be able to edit it after being submitted. However, in the form we have a field that says "recorded by" that tracks who submitted the form, (by the user who is logged in). I want the ability for the user who submitted the form, to be able to edit any form that they have submitted themselves. How would i go about achieving this?
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Either implement this by setting the entity access rules for the standard user role. One rule with read write permissions if the record field recorded by is equal to the user name (or associate the record to the user and use the association in the xpath constraint)

A second rule for the user with read permissions when the opposite is true. So, recorded by != currentuser/name (or again use an association)

For the admin you have a pemisison set to read write without the restriction.