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Hi Experts,   I've upgraded my Mainline version from 9.24.2 to 9.24.11 and commit it to the team server . Now, I want to downgrade the version back to the older one but without thinking I try to reverse merge the revision but I dont see any changes and still commit it to the team server,   My question does reversing the uprade revision for 9.24.11 can cause problem to the mainline? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Hey Dale Dela Cruz!

You can check a similar question here:

If you have git instead of SVN maybe you can use SourceTree or GitHub desktop to revert the commit


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The "Reverse Merge Change" of studio pro won't downgrade the version of studio pro.


To do so, here is a procedure that has worked with GIT


  1.  close Studio pro (lastest version) and open Git GUI
  2.  click "Repository > Visualise main's History"
  3. Right click on the name (not on the tree node "main" ) of the "commit" that you want to remove , click "Revert this commit"
  4. Close history
  5. Back to initial Git GUI popup, click on "commit", click on "push"
  6. You may need to authenticate to Mendix teamserver, user = email address, password = Personal Access Token, Create PAT on your login profile page, with the scope :     mx:modelrepository:write,     mx:modelrepository:repo:read,     mx:modelrepository:repo:write
  7. Close Git GUI
  8. Double click .mpr file, Studio Pro (previous version) should open
  9. In case of error, go to project folder, delete the file or folder "\.mendix-cache\base_data"
  10. Double click .mpr file, Studio Pro (previous version) should open
  11. Do nothing and commit, choose "rebase",
  12. it should require a "Pull", choose "rebase"
  13. It should require a "Push", you're now OK