Reset Forgot Password using Outh configuration

Hi Team,   I am trying to reset the forgot password using deeplink ,where am using outh configuration. while configuring with my personal microsoft /hotmail account in outh configuration it is asking me to use either work or school accounts to get admin approval. Could you please let me know for outh configuration cant we use personal hotmail accounts for outh configuration.   Is it necessary to use work/school microsoft accounts for outh configuration to connect with microsoft azure AD?   Regards, Shabana
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Hi Shaik,

Not sure what you're trying to achieve. Forgot Passwork wil work with local accounts, but not with some kind of single-sign-on implementation.

Or are you trying to get the Emailconnector module to work and send emails?


If you want to use Azure AD for oAuth you need appregistrations in Azure portal and admin credentials to set things up. 



Hi Sjors Schultz,


Thanks for your response.

I am trying to achieve reset forgot password link using deep link.Using Basic Credentials am able to send reset password link.


while am using OAuth configuration setting am unable to send emails. For this OAuth configuration do we have to use Microsoft accounts which requires admin access or can I use my personal account for OAuth configuration.


If I try to use personal account, it is redirecting me to a page where it is asking me to connect with work /office account to connect with Azure AD.


Screenshot 2023-12-21 083930.png