Downloading a PDF in Japanese

I am trying to download a file in PDF format using document template. My template consists of Japanese text. When I am downloading the PDF the Japanese text is being converted into #####.  I have followed the following steps to resolve this. 1. Downloaded and installed 'Noto Sans Jp' fonts which supports Japanese. 2. Added the Noto Sans Jp fonts in the resource file of my app. 3. Edited the XOP.XCONF file as follows:   <font kerning="yes" embed-url="NotoSansJP-Regular.ttf">                          <font-triplet name="noto sans jp" style="normal" weight="normal"/>                </font> 4. In the custom styling I have provided : font-family: noto sans jp;    But still I am facing the same issue.  This is how my XOP file looks like.  I am not sure where I am making a mistake. Can anyone please help me in this?
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