Is the database of the PWA profile of the app the same as the one in the Native profile?

Hi community, I am Luciano. I am currently developing a PWA application designed to work offline, and I have read the documents about best practices for developing offline applications. The thing is that I now need to develop a native profile for the same app, and a question came to my mind: Is the database from the web application the same one that the native profile uses?   To provide a little example: User 'X' creates an object using the web profile. Can user 'Y' see those objects from the native profile? Assuming the native profile has a synchronization technique in order to connect to the server and download those changes. Are the actions done by user 'X' in the web profile visible in the native one?   The reason for developing both profiles is to have Bluetooth functionality working in the native profile, as the Bluetooth API in a web context is experimental and has some limitations. See: I really appreciate your answers. Best regards, Luciano.  
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Hi Luciano,


Yes, the database will be the same. But of course you will have to make sure that the data is synchronized correctly.


Please take a look at this page about client behavior, incl. storage and synchronization


Hope this helps