XML import based on XSD containing (mixed content) XHTML

Hi, we try to import/export XML based on ReqIF XSD, 99% of the structure is working smooth. The only trouble is caused by content within an element by the name ATTRIBUTE-VALUE-XHTML which defines a child Element THE-VALUE of type XHTML, specifically xhtml.BlkStruct.class which is defined as a so called mixed content (elements and/or text) also see BlkStruct. In our use case it contains rich text in the form of a xhtml:div element containing text with html based formatting tags. We need this formatting for import and export, otherwise we still can use the standard (non XHTML) values. I am fully aware of this paragraph in the documentation:  XML Schema support Mixed Content Complex types can define their content to be mixed. This means that an element has both text and child elements as contents. Mixed content is commonly found in document data such as (X)HTML, and less commonly in structured data. Currently, mixed content is not supported in Mendix.   I tried to cheat the system by manipulating the XSD in a way that defines the XHTML Value element as a simple type containing test. My idea was to get the content of the element as a string and continue with it without using the XML import mapper. I was disappointed, as the content is imported as a String with a lot of spaces (?)   My final straw would be using a Java Microflow to serialize/deserialize (e.g. JAXB) to do the mapping. However I liked the idea of the import mapping so far.   I wonder if Mendix has another workaround? Any ideas?   kind regards Stefan
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