call back is not a function

Hi All,   I want to get information first to fields through API, then after I have to validate the data and show the validation error below the field. For that I have created a microflow to do validation which consist of show validation message activity. But when I execute the microflow it was throwing an error which I have mentioned below the image. Could anyone explain why am I facing this issue and what was the solution for it.     Error Message : datePicker6: e.callback.apply is not a function Error: An error occurred while executing On change
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A little bit more information is needed. Where is this on change microflow triggered from? Did you use some widget to pick the date?

If you have a date field it might be easier to not return anything but just check the date that is coming in through a parameter in the on change flow and depending on the result show the validation message without returning anything or set the field again to empty so the user has to select a new date.