How to convert binary format document into readable format in mendix?

Hi Experts,   Can please anyone guide me on the following scenerios? 1. How can I approach to migrate records along with their attachments from another application into Mendix. What steps do I need to take? 2. If I migrate records into Mendix, does the mendix create an object or generate a unique identifier/GUID for those records? 3. The Attachments are in binary format. How can I make it readable into Mendix?   All types of suggestions will be helpful!   Thanks and Regards, Simran.      
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There is a SFTP mogule in the marketplace you could use. But then you would need to have a SFTP server or a NAS lying around. Second option would be to create a webservice where you can either retrieve those files or that the other end can push those file to your webservice. The easy way imho would be the SFTP route.


And Mendix creates the unique identifiers for you.


And about your last question that all depends on the extension. A PDF doccument can be shown inside your app but if the mime type is not known the file will be downloaded so the enduser can then try to read that file in another application.





Hi Simran,

  1. For importing records, you will probably need to look into importing via an API or some other type of connection (odata, database, export/import). What you can use depends on the possibilities you have in your source system. See the integration section of the documentation.
  2. Mendix will import as objects in your target entity. Each record will automatically get a GUID
  3. You can transform a binary string into a file object. For this you can use a community commons module. See the documentation for more information.

There is a nice learning path about setting up a REST integration and Excel import from the Mendix Academy.


Hope this helps.