Can Mendix provide content summarization and generation in word document format?

Hi all,   Does Mendix studio have the functionality to analyze contents of uploaded word document and summarize into customized template? (.docx format) I am new and quite unsure of what Mendix can accomplish and provide, if you have any clues and ideas, feel free to let me know   Thanks!
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Mendix is a low-code platform for application development. What you are trying to achieve is of course achievable but your need is specific so I can't imagine that such functionality would exist as a ready-made.

You need to use a suitable AI for this (OpenAI?) and a suitable exporter (here it could be PDF Generation if PDF is enough, there could also be a ready-made exporter in Marketplace, although these are usually paid for, or working e.g. on Apache POI in Java with which Mendix works quite well)

The logic behind this should be:

- you upload a file via a form on the site

- the file, using the appropriate configuration and queries, is sent to the AI

- AI returns a summary of the file in the formula you assumed

- you analyse the returned response, e.g. in microflow, and generate a document using one of your chosen methods

Either way external tools are necessary, Mendix is not a platform that deals with creating and operating AI models.