How can I reducing printing area of a page ?

Dear all,    I have a mendix page, page contains a table of two rows, first is body of page or content, second is footer of page, and using Clrt+P and saving this page as PDF in my system. With the help of CSS, I set the footer fixed on every page bottom, and printing the content of first row on page, but content of page is getting overlapped with the footer, please refer below screenshot for same, area below black line is my footer and that brown box is part of content which I am printing on page.       Tried solution :  1. Tried to set height of row which is carrying my content, but it is not accepting the the height.  2. Tried to set height of container which is containing the data, but not accepting. 3. Margin, but page is including footer inside margin, and raising up the footer also.   Content is getting print to end of page, but I want to restrict it to the beginning of footer.   Kindly give any possible solution.   Thanks
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