How to automatically upload a file daily, with same name and server path?

Hi, An admin on my application uploads a csv file, which gets overwritten daily, using the CSV module to update an Entity. Step 1 is select and upload the file using fileManager < can this be hardcoded and automated so the same file name and path is always picked-up?   If this is possible, or there is a better way, would really appreciate some guidance, or a shove in the right direction.     Many thanks
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Hi Dean,

If this is a daily task, I'd look into options for automating this process entirely, rather than optimizing the manual process. This largely depends on your specific case, but here are some options to consider:

  • Putting the file in a shared folder such as a SharePoint folder that the Mendix application has access to
  • Having a mailbox that you can send the .csv file to that the Mendix app automatically picks up
  • Creating an integration with whatever application is generating the csv file

Or you can try to import your CSV into a database.

This process can be automated to run everyday, so that you have the data updated. 

Then, all you have to do is consume the data from this database into your Mendix Application.