Solutions for Integrating Mendix Data Grid with Excel in Vertical Format

Hello Mendix Community,   In our application, we have an entity that is linked to a specific data grid. Our goal is to develop a workflow that can take filtered data from this data grid and then populate it into a predefined Excel template.   The main challenge we're encountering is in the format transition. While the data grid presents data in rows and columns, our Excel template requires the data to be in a vertical format, with fields arranged line by line.   As a workaround in the past, we have used an .xlsm file with VBA code for data transformation. However, we're looking for a more integrated solution within Mendix.   Has anyone tackled a similar challenge, or is there any existing discussion or documentation that could guide us through this process? If a similar topic has been discussed in the past, I would greatly appreciate a link to that discussion.   Thank you in advance for your help and insights!   Br, Alex D.
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You can probably try using Advanced Excel Mendix Marketplace - Advanced Excel.

Below approach may help you

  • Store your Excel Template as Master Template in application.
  • At every export, use Clone/Duplicate Java Action from Community Commons. It will clone the Master Template in new file. This will solve the Styling Problem.
  • Build Custom Microflows to add content in the file.