Expose Association/relationship betwee table as rest API

Hi, I am trying to create the rest Api for association table means let say I have table A and B.  Table A having a attribute system and table B having the attribute server now their is relationship between them one - many. One application has the multiple entries of server. now I want to expose the association with the rest api for all the records having only ID's of both the table.   is it possible to acheive this if yes then suggest me some approach.
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Hi Kiran Nemade

There is one thing that comes to my mind

you need an ID attribute in each entity other than the ID generated by Mendix and a foreign key ID in the server entity to reference the application

and set these IDs on each create object activity you need a helper object that has only 2 ID attributes 

In the MF where you publish the service retrieve all things and create objects of the helper entity to set the ID attributes then expose the helper entity


I hope I could simplify the scenario