How to close the mendix Rest API user session

We have couple of rest API exposed via mendix application in 9.19 studio pro.   Question is the session created by Rest api user is auto closed by application  ? if yes then what is the session time ? if no then how to kill it manually after completion of microflow  ?    
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Hee Harshad,


I am not 100 percent sure, but because you use the authentication method whereby an account with a userrole and an active session is necessary to execute the API, I think there should be a session. 


Perhaps you can check this by debugging the API call and put within your API microflow an action that retrieves the session, more information you can find here.


If there is a session and you want to end this maybe you can use the sign out action to end the session.


Just some thoughts but i hope it helps!


Good luck!