Cannot edit the Name of a user

Hi, Whenever I try to edit a user account in a data grid, it updates the data correctly in the data grid but it doesn't update the email (= Name) which prevents me from logging in. If I enter the new email it doesn't allow me to log in, but entering the old email does work. Adding users works fine and so does deleting them.   I assume it's got something to do with the System.User entity being read-only? Preventing me from updating any changes? Hope someone can clarify.   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Cédric,

As an Administrator, you should be able to update the login name (looking from the account perspective, this is not the same as the email address, but of course you could add logic to keep them in sync) for other users. You cannot change your own username. For more information about the way access rights work using inheritance, take a look here.

It could be that certain restrictions are caused by the user management settings for the Admin role?


Hope this helps.