Widget doesnt Work correctly

Hi All   I updated my widget on my application, (Template Grid) It used to work properly but since updating, it stopped working I can't seem to print off a full page now of the data I've pulled through in the template grid. (like it could before)   Is there any way I can revert just this widget back to its original? or am I stuck with the newest version    Context - In my application, I have a template grid where you can pull through steps and images of a certain document, some of these documents are 50 Steps+. Before the update I used to click Ctrl-P and it used to all come through as one whole page, but now it only takes a screen shot of what im actually seeing on screen. 
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Hi Charlie, 


It depends a bit how you updated the widget, but there are several ways to get back your 'old' widget. You can create a branch of an older version with the original widget and could check if everything still works correctly in there, and after you can replace your 'new' widget with the 'old' one. You can also try to revert a commit if you already made a commit or revert your changes, this holds that disadvantage that all your changes will be reverted. 


On the other hand; in the future i am afraid that you have to update the widget anyway, so maybe it is better to try and adjust the 'new' widget to your needs if possible.


Hope this helps!


Have managed to fix the issue by reverting back to a different layout.