Email Connector configuration.

Hi All, i have a requirement that i want to send an email when the user submitted some data so i have gone through the Email connector documentation and i have done the configuration and email are sending when i'm using fake smtp settings so this time i don't want to send email using fake smtp settings can any one please guide me to achive this. 1) Connect To Email Account --> Use Basic Credentials 2) given my personal email id and password  3)showing below error Can you please help to configure the settings and send the email to end user this application should use everyone. Thankyou all in advance.    
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OK, forget my previous answer; I managed to send an e-mail via the Gmail SMTP server following these steps:

- I turned on 2-factor authentication for my Gmail account (

- I added an app password (

- I configured the Email Connector in Mendix using the app password (see screenshot below)

- I send a test e-mail filling in: Subject, From, To and a body


Hopefully this also works for you!





I think you should set Use TLS to True.

Do you use two-factor authentication for your Gmail-account? In that case, you might need an app password as well, not sure how that works. You can read more about that here.

Hopefully this helps!

Regards, Johan