Anybody found a good time picker widget?

It seems I have to make time to start widget building myself because it seems there is no decent time picker widget anymore in the appstore. I only found one for mobile and that one has not been updated recently and does not seem to work anymore. Anyone found a good time picker widget that works for Mx 5 and 6? Regards, Ronald
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This isn't of immediate help but I am currently working on a widget based on this plugin:

I'm trying to fit this in around project work though so am probably still a few days away from having it finished.

Edit: Found a bit of time yesterday... V1 now available here:

Will also submit this to the app store for approval by the end of the day tomorrow (Monday)


As I recall, there used to be one in the past, but was deprecated because it didn't work as well as expected. There are good widget developers that can create such a widget. If you want to start building one (or anyone else) I would be willing to help.


I don't know of a good time picker - definitely a gap to be filled. I found a few JS time pickers that might be good foundations for a new widget: (Numbers 1, 2, 7, and 8 are pretty neat)

I also pulled the standard dijit time pickers, but I'm not a fan of either one: