Production Environment Guest Sign In bug

  We are having an issue in one of our apps (YPoll) where something in the production environment is causing our guest sign in feature to break. The issue is not totally consistent, but when it does occur it happens repeatedly where the user clicks on our "sign in as guest" option on the login screen and then after a login is attempted  is booted back to the login page. The correct logic is to have that button create a custom made guest account role user type and sign them in with the newly created account on a redirect page. The live log gives the message: "10:52:38 AM APP INFO SigninHandler: Unable to find UUID 03dca244-3ee5-4d38-be4b-a082ec0bad7f" (That id is just an example obviously) and after adding additional console messages manually for debugging we are still unable to find the root of this problem as all the console messages return the same data regardless of if the issue happens or not. This issue is ONLY present in the production environment, making it difficult to pinpoint and also leading us to believe it may be caused by the mendix engine itself. We have absolutely 0 problems with this on local host and acceptance. Are there any differences in sign in process/performance/logic between the acceptance and production environments that could be causing this?
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