Cloning an Application with its database

Hello Everyone, I am looking for some specific information on cloning an application. Here is our scenario. We have an application App1 which is running in Production and it is having master data and transactional data. We need to create an App2 as a new application, but it should be a clone of the App1 with the whole data. So we completed the below steps. Create a New Mendix Application App2 Replaced the whole code in App2 with App1 by only keeping the .git folder Validated the application with the cloned production db in on local server App2 is working as expected in local and all the data we were able to see. Later we have discussed about the approach with our platform team but they have mentioned that the DB clonning will not work as it worked locally. Mendix will change the id generation within each app, so if we try to attach the clone of App1 DB in App2 DB, it is not going to work. Is there anyone had tried this out and have any suggestions about cloning a DB to new app? I know I can achieve this using Excel Importing or Database Replication. But that seems more useful if data needs to be migrated to few tables. Here we are thinking about migrating entire data including the application data and configurations for emails, excel export/import etc
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This can be done by

  1. exporting a project Package from your original project.
  2. image.png
  3. Create a new project using the created project package
  4. Create a backup of the original database
  5. Restore the backup in a new database
  6. Connect the new database to the new project
  7. Run

This should keep the data