New widget: DataTables widget

One of our customers wanted a feature on the grids for end users to select and reorder grid columns. I have made a wrapper for DataTables, which does just that and a whole lot more: Choose how many rows to display. Responsive colums: Choose which columns should disappear first for smaller display sizes, right down to iPhone 4 size if you want. Infinite scroll: no paging buttons, no 'load more' button. Additional data is loaded when the user scrolls down far enough. Selection changed event, especially for master/detail pages XPath query as string attribute on the context entity: apply additional filtering depending on business logic Search filters: Put standard Mendix components on your page and link them in the widget configuration. Apply additional styling on a row based on a value in the row. (Best used with boolean or enum) The demo project has working examples on each feature. Documentation is on my GitHub repository The widget: The test project is also in the appstore as sample project: Created on 5.21.2, tested on 6.3.1 too Questions: Please open a new topic on the forum. Don't reply in this topic with a new question because that gets a little messy... And: DataTables is free to use, also for commercial applications, however, the author does appreciate a donation if you like the library. (No, I do not get a percentage! :-) I am a donator too) Have fun! Edit: I got the Bootstrap styling working, version 1.1 is in the appstore now.
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Awesome! Here at the Community Team at Mendix we always love to see widgets like this. Have a look at Marcel's Github profile, there's a lot more. We encourage any widget developer to contribute to the community by sharing code on Github and submit widgets to the AppStore. We always love to help out when you have a question, a feature, an idea for a widget or you are running into troubles creating a widget.

Marcel, great job! :-) I'll be sure to check out your widget.