How to migrate Mendix application from 9.24.14 to Mendix 10 if mpr file size is mroe than 100MB

Hello Peers,   Where do we stand with this solution of migrating the MPR file of Mendix application from SVN to Git for Mendix 10 Migration  ?   My MPR file size is 132 MB and its not possible to drill it down to 100MB. With each subsequent commit, i am sure this will grow in size and we need to migrate Mendix 10 asap.   Please suggest, Thank you
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At the moment Mendix is blocking "big" applications from migrating to Git because they have found some issues with bigger projects in Git . They are hard at work to deliver a solution for this soon and will then lift the restriction for bigger apps to migrate to Mendix 10.


If you want more information on this you should submit a support ticket.