Metrics deeplink not working

The mendix docs give a template of    Metrics for app:<appID>"   to use as a deeplink for getting to the metrics of an app, but for whatever reason, even though the same format for the enviroments deeplink works for me, using the metrics deeplink doesn't work for a single app that i can access, nor the ones my coworkers are working on, it just keeps loading forever. Can anyone try this on an app that they are working on and let me know if it is an issue only we are facing or something wrong with mendix? (P.S this something i could have implemented wrong, atleast i hope, as i tried the same thing by pasting the link into the browser in plain text and the same thing happened)
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Hi Rocco,


It appears to be the url of the metrics has changed. Can you try the following url for the deeplinks:<appID> to see if that works?